From investment slip and business style to laser and credit line, we offer fully customizable check books, allowing you to promote specific funds according to your needs.

When creating your custom checkbook package, you have the freedom to include any of the following special features:

    • Cross-sell marketing pages that enable you to advertise your additional services
    • Mailing labels
    • Expense code pages
    • Automatic investment plan applications
    • ACH forms
    • Automatic check reorder pages

Check Security

We are well aware of the implications of fraudulent charges perpetrated against financial institutions. In order to inhibit the issue, we are continuously updating and integrating state–of–the–art anti-fraud protections into our check products. The following fraud prevention features are standard in each of our check designs:

    • Security Paper | Security paper reacts to various chemicals which might be used to alter checks. All check stocks at Newcourse are printed on security paper.
    • Microprint Signature Line | The words ‘AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE’ appear in very fine print and can be read through a magnifying glass, but to the unaided eye, these words seem to be nothing more than a solid signature line. Microprint provides protection against reproduction by scanners and office copiers because this equipment cannot successfully print the tiny letters.
    • Security Screen | The words ‘ORIGINAL DOCUMENT’ are incorporated in the screen on the back of the check. Security screens cannot be successfully reproduced by scanners or office copiers.
    • Padlock Icon and Warning Box | We are licensed by the Financial Stationers Association which ensures our clients that all check security enhancements are in accordance with their guidelines. The padlock icon printed on the front pairs with the warning box printed on the back where you will find a list of all the security features incorporated in the check.

For your additional needs, we can supply extra security elements with accompanying benefits. These can include:

    • Void Pantograph | Incorporated into the background design, the hidden word ‘VOID’ appears if the check is reproduced. This feature works well with a busy background design.
    • Toner Grip | A coating is applied to the check stock paper that acts as a durable toner adhesive.
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