Statements & Letters


At Newcourse, we consider the following areas critical when crafting your monthly billing statements:

    • Precise communication of borrower data in a consistent format
    • Simplification of payment processing
    • Enhancement of corporate image and commitment to service
    • Immense marketing opportunities to promote brand recognition (as well as any additional services) and to produce income through use of intelligent inserts and/or special messaging
    • Regulation requirement of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and other governing entities
    • Utilization of Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) for tracking origin and destination of both initial mail-outs and customer remittance payments through USPS

Your business can save time, postage and the cost of mailing additional forms by incorporating these into your monthly statements:

    • IRS 1098s
    • Aggregate Analyses
    • HUD Prepayment Notifications
    • SSN/TIN Verifications
    • Notifications Regarding State Law
    • Detailed History
    • Privacy Notices


    • Do you need to create letters or documents that will grab your customer’s attention?
    • Are you required by federal regulations to provide special notices or letters to your customers weekly, monthly, or annually based on certain conditions?
    • Does your current method allow you to create letter sets that look professional and project the proper image for your company?

We offer solutions that will not only enable you to create and mail professional and timely correspondence to your customers but can also assist you in tracking delivery and receipt. We have partnered with a number of service bureaus to create updated transactions that can be delivered to your system for auditing and customer service purposes. Our experienced team can show you how to reap the benefits and efficiencies of custom letters and correspondence.

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