Coupon Books

Coupon books, also known as payment books, are a great way to reduce your billing expenses and achieve timely collections. Furthermore, payment books can be personalized to the needs of both your business and your customer. Our payment book format allows you to include marketing messages, which act as valuable advertising tools for your company.

Newcourse clients collecting monthly payments with coupon books include:

    • Banks
    • Mortgage Companies
    • Credit Unions
    • Savings and Loans
    • Finance Companies
    • Leasing Companies
    • HOA / Condo / Apartment Mgmt.

Benefits of using coupons for monthly collections:

    • Coupon books serve as a supplement to pre-authorized and payroll deductions
    • Numerous, expensive notices are replaced with a one-time mailing of the payment book
    • Costly late charge notices are reduced by the coupon reminder included within each book
    • The production of coupon books utilizes automated MICR/OCR technology, ensuring accurate payment processing
    • Your professional image is enhanced by providing this simple and efficient expense-tracking aid to your customers
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